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meditation classes in brussels
Meditation Classes Brussels

Our meditation center is open every day. We have 12 sessions from Monday to Saturday.

On Sunday, we have 5 session from 9 am to 2 pm

One Regular Meditation Session lasts one hour including the meditation lecture and the meditation but you can book two in a row if you have the time! You can book your session by SMS up to 1 hour before coming to the center.

Professional Meditation Teachers

All meditation lectures and sessions are conducted by professional meditation teachers who have years of teaching experience.

meditation center in brussels

Meditation Classes in Brussels: offered by Bruxelles Meditation Center

Our meditation center provides different kinds of meditation courses per each student’s needs. At first, you can get a free discovery meditation class which will give you all the information you need about our meditation center. If you decide to register you will get access to all the Regular Meditation Sessions as much as you want. The meditation courses include meditation for beginners and for people that have already been meditating for a while.

Free Discovery Meditation Class in Brussels

In the Free Introduction Session you will get the answers to the following questions:

  • Why are we stressed or anxious?
  • Where do all the negative thoughts come from?
  • How can we let go of all the noise and find inner peace
  • How can meditation sessions make us become the best version of ourselves
  • Q&A

Regular Meditation Session in Brussels

A regular meditation session includes the following:

  • A lecture about meditation on topics tailor made for the students
  • Learning the meditation exercise that will be used
  • Guided Meditation
  • The meditation session duration is flexible.

Group Meditation Class in Brussels

Our group meditation classes are very similar to regular meditation sessions but as several people meditate together you can experience stronger collective energy and support.

Consultation with a Meditation Teacher in Brussels

Before and/or after meditation, you can get a consultation with one of our meditation teachers. This is a key asset to get long lasting results: it is possible to get support and make sure we keep moving forward in our meditation path.

Exercises for the Body

Our meditation classes can include body exercise sessions such as a dynamic stretching routine that releases energy blockages in the entire body from head to toe, making the body healthier. It leads us not only to keep our body healthy but also to better focus on meditation.

Conscious Social Gatherings

Approximately once a month, we organize a social meeting for all the meditation center members. It is priceless to be able to share our meditation experiences and get positive energy from other people.

This is actually one of the key advantages of joining a meditation center: we get to meet like minded people and are able to support each other in this beautiful meditation path.

meditation center in brussels

Why take meditation classes ?

On the internet, you could find a variety of meditations: from scripts of different kinds to youtube videos. It could even be helpful the first few times but it will be very hard to get lasting results. This is because at home, without live support, it is very difficult to focus on meditation.

From the family you have to take care of to the work you need to deal with to all the distracting thoughts such as ‘Why do I have to try this?’, ‘What kind of meditation is it?’ ‘It’s boring’, ‘What do I have to do after this?’, ‘What about going for a walk somewhere?’, ‘What should I make for dinner?’, ‘What if my boss doesn’t like my work?’, ‘What if something bad happens?, ‘I need a vacation’… frng with a computer when those things come up!

Even more relevant to the point is the fact that meditation is not about getting one meditation session done. Meditation is about getting long lasting results and the benefits that meditation can achieve (reduce anxiety, reduce stress, find inner peace, find enlightnement…). As everything in life, we can get to our goal only by putting some effort in and by making meditation part of our weekly routine.

This is why we need professional help and meditation classes to actually get where we wanted to get when we even considered meditation as an activity. Thanks to meditation classes and meditation teachers we will be able to get support when we are hitting those lows that would otherwise make us quit and we will receive the advice to make sure we are on the right path.

Other reasons why a meditation class is something worth trying include:

Meditation Sessions include lectures

In a professional meditation class, meditation instructors give you a lecture to make you understand meditation on a deeper level and get you ready to let go.

Meditation Classes are guided until you can do the meditation exercise autonomously

As with everything in life it is helpful to be using the right technique so that we can actually progress on our own as well.

You wouldn’t rush on a 18-hole golf course the first time you touch a golf club…it is the same with meditation.

Meditation is like everything in life, we can become good at it step by step

This means during your first meditation classes you will get to practice some meditation exercises, once you master them, you will also be able to practice successfully on your own.

Meditation Courses are adapted to your meditation level which means you can keep moving forward

If one keeps doing the same basic meditation (or relaxation exercise) how can one improve his or her meditation level? Meditation teachers that give meditation classes provide you with effective meditation techniques which allow you to let go on a deeper and deeper level and will help you make deep and long lasting progress.

meditation classes in brussels