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Meditation Images

In our life, we always confront many difficulties. For example, family problem, job problem, friend problem, money problem, love problem, human relationship problem, health problem etc. whenever we conflict these problems we usually get anxious, frustrated, mad, depressed, lost, lonely. These things make stress and Stress makes variety of diseases.

How can we get over these problems? How can we feel real calm and happiness?

The answer is meditation.

Meditation is key for our happiness. Doing meditation, we can look inside our whole life. Then, we can realize who really are, what we really want, how to handle with everything we confront.

At that moment, we can find real calm and happiness for ourselves and the most important thing of our life.

There are many images of meditation below. Let’s check together.


  • Help to concentrate on meditation

Sometimes, we need places which is calm and quite for relax our mind. Actually, it is perfect for meditation alone. Doing Meditation alone help us to concentrate on our meditation to look inside our mind deeply. At that time. It would be more clear for us to understand what is the problem of us.

  • Whenever we are, Wherever we are

If we have method for meditation, we could meditate whenever we want, wherever we want.

Frankly, doing meditation in our everyday life is one of the most important thing for improving our consciousness.

meditation images
By deep meditation, We can get true consciousness
meditation images
Through Meditation, You get calm and real peace.
Through Meditation, You can find True-yourself

meditation images
Meditation Outside help us to feel Nature intuitively.
Help us to concentrate on meditation deeply.
meditation images
Try to Concentrate on meditation,
You will find deep calm in your mind
meditation images
Meditation is the key for happiness.
meditation images
Try Meditation with Nature.
It will help you to get relieved.
meditation images
It is time for meditation. Let’s try online meditation at home
It will give you some relax on calm on your mind.
meditation images
Tea helps us to get meditation calmly and make our body healthy

Group Meditation

  • Group Meditation gives you more power for meditation

When we meditate together, All of our energy are gathered and it raises the quality of meditation. And it empower the deepest of meditation and consciousness.

  • Everybody would be true friends

When we meditate together and raise our consciousness, we can really treat each other sincerely.

We can be honest to each other, we can share our difficulties and worries and meditate together again then every stresses go way and always be happy.

meditation images
Meditation Lecture help us to understand meditation
and how we can get meditation effectively
meditation images
Group Meditation help us to concentrate meditation deep
and make us get more energy to meditate deeply
meditation images
Try meditation class with your friends,
It will help you understand your friend deep.
group meditation
We have Group Meditation Sessions
This picture was taken at the end of meditation session.
meditation images
Through meditation, We can be one family and we are always happy together.
meditation images
Exercise helps the body to be relax and healthy.
It help us concentrate on meditation well.

Meditation Center

  • Meditation center in Central

Our meditation center is located in Central of city. so you can get center as easily as your job. Our Meditation center open 9:00AM and close 11:00PM so you can make reserve sessions whenever you want and however you want.

  • Well-organized And comfortable environment for meditation

Our meditation room is perfect for meditation. proper chairs and blanket for meditation. Not only just equipment, But also we prepare variety of snacks, teas and coffees. You can enjoy whole-time in the meditation center.

meditation images
Meditation Classroom is always clean and calm for your meditation.
meditation images
meditation images
meditation images, meditation center
meditation images, meditation center

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Bruxelles Meditation

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The Images of the Mind and Meditation

Images make our mind. People create their own mind world by taking pictures of their life. So, we are always taking pictures of our surroundings by our eyes, nose, mouth, ears and even by using the body. Through the creation of our own imaginary world, we create pictures which make our mind happy, sad, mad, jealous, fearful, guilty. As an example: the same event one has experienced can be seen from very different ways: when you in a good mood you see it as a beautiful memory, when you in a bad or sad mood the same memory turns into a painful event. It is not the event which created that pain, it is looking back to an non existing event and creating pictures about something which is not really existing anymore.

Our meditation is to let go of these false images to be able to see the true nature of events and life. We have a free Introduction Seminar where you can have a look at all the images you have. Our mentoring and guided meditation can support you to let go of these images, to be free from worry, pain or sadness.

If you are interested, please contact us.

Thank you

Bruxelles Meditation

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Best 10 things you can do during Quarantine

meditation corona

To get the most out of your stay in quarantine we have 10 things to uplift your life and to stay as happy as possible.

  1. Meditation: If you can not go outside, go inside.

During this time, it is of great importance to keep your happiness. The happier you are, the stronger your immune system is. Looking inward allows you to understand what is happening within you and gives you the freedom to stay calm with great compassion during this time. We highly recommend you to meditate, try different methods or techniques, even if it is just for a short time a day. Of course increasing your meditation time daily will benefit your health and memory to great effects, also after the quarantine. If you have the opportunity to participate in online guided meditation, meditating will even be easier for you.

2. The Power of ‘Thank you

The word ‘Thank you’ is a great tool to increase your life quality easily. Make a great habit out of it and remind you to say ‘thank you’ at least a few hundred times a day. We promise you, you are not gonna get enough of this.

3. Stay Positive

To be fair: nobody expected it, but now: here we are. And if we are here now and doing this thing is called life, why not making the best out of it? Let us stay positive and ask yourself ‘how can I make the most out of my stay indoor?’

4. Let your dreams come true

For real: now you have the time to try something out you never really had the time for. Any language you always wanted to try or learn? Any type of dance or exercise which was calling for your attention? Or an instrument? YouTube gives you great opportunities to try things out and even to participate in challenges which last up to 30 days.

5. Rituals are the key

In case you have decided to join a challenge on YouTube (let’s say like yoga or a language) give it a specific time. It is easier to keep on track with something you decided on if you give it a specific time. Wake up, get it started. Other rituals are important too: Keep your meals at a similar time. Your body loves it. Enjoy the routine and the rituals and you will see: time flies.

6. Move as much as possible

Enjoying one or two movies as well as series can be fun, yes, but we recommend you to keep moving as much as possible. Energy creates energy. So to keep vital and healthy, with a high level of energy throughout your stay you need to keep moving. The more you move, the less you think, the happier the body is and there more energy you have for all the beautiful things you enjoy doing.

7. Keep yourself as busy as possible

When you ask the most successful people in the world, why they are not worried, they will tell you: ‘I do not have time for thing about that stuff.’ True words. Keep your rituals going, keep a routine going. If you have not established one yet: great now is the time to go for it. There are plenty articles out to set your mind right there and to get you going for a great routine. You will see how easy it is and how much you gonna love it to keep doing and moving.

8. Keep it clean

Not only to keep moving cleaning is a key, also to stay really healthy and focused on things you wanna do throughout the day. If it is clean and organized around you, your mind will feel the same.

9. Facetime with love ones

To Meet up with friends and family members on facetime or skype can be very exciting and special. For the brain similar regions are stimulated, so it will be almost like seeing them in real. Great, that we can make the best out of it: How about cooking together, having dinner or playing some online games or just seeing each other, enjoying the beauty of being in company or even figuring out how a date online would be. Get creative and have fun.

10. Let the air breeze

Last but not least: Keep the windows open or let some air in whenever you can. Your brain will love the breeze and thank you with great health and the best support. By opening the windows, you can also remind yourself to take a deep breath in and out. Just as a little tool to remind you, that all there is is this breath in this moment.

If you guys have any further recommendations on what to do during quarantine, please let us know. We will share it! Stay positive and healthy. Let us make the most out of it.

meditation in brussels

Much love,

Bruxelles Meditation

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